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I was Chief Marketing Officer at Keydatos when I realized that traditional marketing was way too slow in a startup environment. We needed an informed starting point and improve along the way. We needed to move with product development. Marketing needed to be lean.

Then I came across an article about the reasons startups fail. Yes, most startups fail and according to CB Insights the main reason is lack of market demand. Can you imagine working on a product for years only to find out there is no demand?!

This could have been prevented by conducting marketing before launching the product; by simply reaching out to customers during product development instead of waiting till the product is finalized.

So I decided to found The Lean Marketing Collective to give startups the essential tools of marketing without slowing them down. We’re a small team of specialists combining lean methodology, digital marketing best practises, growth hacking skills and strategy consulting.

It wasn’t long before we also started offering consultancy packages and Lean Marketing workshops to help as many startups as possible.

In 2017, I gave a workshop at TechGrind Incubator and Venture Capital and hosted a guest lecture for an MBA class at Assumption University in Bangkok. I continue to work together with TechGrind as their Partner in Myanmar and offer mentorship to startups whenever needed.

FinTech startups specifically have my interest because of my financial background. One of the startups I work with closely is Surance based in Amsterdam. They make investment management accessible to anyone through an intuitive app.

TechGrind Incubator & Venture Capital
The Lean Marketing Collective

Rob Stegeman, Co-founder Denise

Holy #*3#, your feedback yesterday was so meaningful and great. 1000x thanks!

Bruno Delepierre, Founder We Mean Business

Anrike brings plenty to the table: excellent communications, accurate follow-up and robust knowledge on the subject. On top of that a nice personality so I’m sure we’ll continue to work together.

Aymeric Gaurat-Apelli, Founder WeekPlan -

I liked how methodical Anrike’s approach to marketing is. (In a month) she has helped clarify some of the current low hanging fruits for my marketing efforts.

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