Selected works and approach

Before I founded Global Ground Media in 2018, I worked as a freelance journalist.

Here are some articles that were published over the last years. I mainly focus on social issues and politics, but I also write about business and technology.

Social Issues: Moken people in Myanmar, Children in Chinese Factories, Pinning Down Mongolian Citizens

Society: International Schools, Renewable Energy, Taxation for Expats, AI proof Jobs

Politics: A look at the Allies Norway and Singapore, Interview with the First Norwegian ambassador to ASEAN, China Warming Up to Norway

Business: Malaysian Oil and Gas, Chinese Salmon Market, Digital Farming

Technology: Autonomous Ships, Edge Data Centres, Blockchain Regulations

Innovating Journalism: Read First, Pay Later, Technological Developments at EyeEm, Data Journalism

Check out my complete portfolio here.

As an anthropologist, I appreciate the importance of fieldwork instead of just conducting desk research. Nothing beats talking to people affected by the policies, issues and developments I write about. On more than one occasion the real story turned out to be completely different from what I imagined beforehand.

I write in English and Dutch. My articles have been translated into Norwegian. Occasionally I also take pictures.

Mizzima Weekly
Norway-Asia Business Review
Ny Tid
Stimuleringsfonds voor de Journalistiek

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