Journalism and technology

Think all the good things about old-school reporting combined with all the awesomeness of new technology. So, actual on the ground reporting in all the remote places of the world, but you decide how to experience the story.

Podcast? Okay! Immersive photo story? Got it! TLDR video? Of course! Well-crafted article? Yes, please!

That is why I founded Global Ground Media in 2018.

Our articles are stored on the blockchain, so no billionaire can buy and delete content that (s)he doesn’t like, thanks to our technology partners over at The Civil Media Company.

Global Ground Media is aimed at exploring everything the net has to offer for journalistic storytelling. We will offer explainer content, constructive journalism and actions readers can take to make a difference in the world.

Global Ground examines issues that are relevant to us all like climate change, radicalization and human rights issues. We take a look at how these global issues come ashore in Asia.

Why Asia? Asian countries are working hard at taking over economic power from Western countries. At the same time, major issues like climate change are first roared its tail in Asia.

What happens in Asia is relevant to us all, but many people have a generalized view of Asia constructed of temples, noodles and elephants. Setting that record straight is important for our understanding of the world.

Global Ground Media
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