I started out studying Business Administration with a Minor in Philosophy before majoring in Social and Cultural Anthropology. Business continued to be a part of my life, as with other skills and experiences I picked up along the way. I’ve always been most comfortable when peaking across industry boundaries and bringing in insights from other fields.

After the studies, my interest was peaked by a job at the Netherlands Authority of the Financial Markets (AFM). I wanted to have a positive impact on the world and the industry most in need of change appeared to be the financial sector after the economic crisis of 2008. For the next 4 years, I combined investigative research into financial crime with implementing and measuring different ways of changing the toxic money grabbing culture at large financial institutions.

These proved to be essential skills for where life decided to lead me. All along, I kept thinking about the people I met during the Egyptian Revolution and the increasing difficulties they were facing. I loved working at the AFM, but I wanted to research the biggest issues of our time like oppression and human rights abuses.

This isn’t the best time to become a foreign correspondent though, so I started writing about another interest of mine; business, technology, startups and how they impact our societies. Simultaneously I build a consultancy and marketing business like the one that supported me through business university.

After two years, I had a trusted network of freelancers and enough satisfied clients to take the plunge; I moved to Southeast Asia. Currently, I split my time between Bangkok and Yangon.

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